Welcome Hey there, thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my place to share my voice and photography. In case you don't know me, I am Sara (that's me to the left, the one without a big white furry coat). I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area, California. I LOVE my work, and you will see a bit of that sneaking in here. I also use this as a place to share other parts of my life. You will find adventures, food and little tidbits about my life with my darling husband and our two fat cats.  Please feel free to have a look around and even leave me a note. I would love to hear from you! 
What is better than doing what I love {photography}? It is doing what I love while documenting someone else doing what they love. If you can recall my gushing Samantha's Music and how beautiful that was, this shoot had much of the same feeling. Photographing Cassandra while she executed some of the most amazing dance moves just blew me away. Have I mentioned that I love my job?

Cassandra, thank you so much for sharing your talent with me. You are such a beautiful, interesting and fun young woman.


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Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Alexis on a project of his at King's Boxing Gym in Oakland. Alexis is super fun to work with, one of the things that I love about working with him is that we are so very different. I see the world in a very different way to the way he views it, so when we work together it is fun to see how he approaches a situation. I also love that he puts his talents towards charity. While I volunteer with Obugs and the Oakland Animal Shelter, Alexis is using his talents to help the people you see in these images. Many of the kids that come to this gym have little funding but very big dreams. Their ultimate goal is the Olympics and Alexis is doing what he can to help them.





Studio-Session-323 copy.jpg
Alexis, thanks for letting me tag along! It was a pleasure to see you in action. Your passion for the art is inspiring!
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Love these pictures

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One Year Ago: Salomie
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Six Years Ago: Rugby and Table Mountain

The cuteness is overwhelming. Yes, she was on stage for only a cumulative of about 2 minutes, but she was the star. Dancing across the stage in her purple tutu, smiling to the audience while she whirled and twirled. For those two minutes, Priya was the prima ballerina. Everyone in that audience was there just for her, she was sure of it.




SaraAtkinsPhoto_110415_IMG_9613 copy.jpg


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Am I just a biased nonna or is the cutest little girl EVER!


They are SOOOOOO cute!!


Love the pictures of Priya. PRICELESS!!!


This is so great you were right!

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We are entering week three of the crossfit games open, it has been an interesting experience. It is fun being part of something that is so huge, but the growing pains have been pretty rough. From what I know, over 20,000 people are registered to compete in the crossfit games open. You can learn more about the competition at the crossfit games website. Basically how it works is you can compete as an individual and/or as part of a team. Qualifying teams and individuals carry on to the regionals and so on. The culmination of the event will be the crowning of one man and one woman as the fittest on earth. That, and there is a $1,000,000 purse, thank you Reebok.  Unfortunately the problems with the website and questions about the quality of judging going on has left many competitors frustrated and a bit jaded. Their points are valid and for those competitors that are in that elite category, I can't really blame them. But for me, I am enjoying it. I do not intend on being crowned the fittest on earth (though I can think of a few uses for that $1M), I just want to see how far I can push myself.

Last week's workout:

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes:

9 Dead Lifts
12 Pushups
15 Box Jumps

I got 8.5 rounds. Those push-ups about killed me.





Great work Crossfit East Bay! Thank you to Crossfit One World for hosting us!

Several of these images were taken by Doron Serban, Keep any eye out for the video, hopefully he will be making one soon.
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louis vuttion:

Very strong

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Kim Nicol is a massage therapist and willPower & Grace practitioner, basically she teaches you how to love your body. Who doesn't love a massage right? But what is willPower & Grace? In her words: It's a sweaty, barefoot, functional fitness class that will teach you to move with integrity.  You will improve your quality of movement in every day life.  Balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, agility.  The more you use it, the more you have it. Kim was in need of a new head shot and wanted to grab a few shots for her website in the process. So, we met in San Francisco before she taught one of her willPower & Grace classes. We decided on a few shots outside before heading into the Lucy store where Kim was teaching a early morning class.








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