Welcome Hey there, thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, my place to share my voice and photography. In case you don't know me, I am Sara (that's me to the left, the one without a big white furry coat). I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area, California. I LOVE my work, and you will see a bit of that sneaking in here. I also use this as a place to share other parts of my life. You will find adventures, food and little tidbits about my life with my darling husband and our two fat cats.  Please feel free to have a look around and even leave me a note. I would love to hear from you! 

Amy contacted me recently looking for a new head-shot for her website. She wanted something that would be professional but not stuffy. Something that showcased her easygoing, approachable attitude. Amy came over and we got started, as we wondered around in the late afternoon sun, looking for nice locations to shoot I found out a bit more about Amy and what she does.

Amy is a Health Coach, she is currently attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition at Bauman College. The more we chatted the more I realized how much we had in common. We shared our cooking adventures (most recently we have both wondered into the world of offal) and compared notes on running a small business.

After spending a bit of time with Amy it was clear to me that she is going to be very successful in her new business. She is down to earth and sweet. She has a very clear passion for food and for people, so her career path definitely makes sense. I look forward to sharing recipes in the future and watching her business grow as she helps women to live healthier more balanced lives.

amy copy.JPG
If you have any questions about health coaching or would like to schedule a complimentary initial consultation with Amy, please contact her via her website: Embrace Health & Nutrition
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Jessie :

So glad you guys met! You are both such wonderful people!

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Two Years Ago: Nibbles: Saturday Morning
Six Years Ago: More From Below

4848042326_31b143fae2_b copy.jpg
During our recent trip to Vancouver we went to the Granville Island Public Market. I had an amazing time wondering around the hall looking at the foods and crafts. I stopped at the Black Drop Designs booth and I fell in LOVE with Jade's beautiful jewelry. These would make perfect gifts. All of the pieces are handmade from start to finish using a combination of acrylic, sterling silver, wood, resin and a photograph. She does earrings, pendants, cuff links and rings. If you are in the process of planning a wedding: bridal party gifts.

5480476194_d8747f4fe4 copy.jpg

4766897548_39e264d2b3_b copy.jpg
To find out more about these pieces and the others that are available please visit the Black Drop Designs website.
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Crazy Booth.jpg
Welcome to the crazy booth. Tomorrow I am photographing a charity event for the Bay Area Chapter of the W-Girls. As I was working with this charity I (probably too quickly) volunteered to supply a photo-booth for the event. After making this promise, I arrived at my parents house with rough plans of building this thing myself. We headed to Home Depot and picked up the pieces we needed and got to building. After a lot more work than I had anticipated, we ended up with a pretty decent little booth. The above is the trial run at our recent house warming. In the future I am thinking that it might be a nice addition at my weddings. If it survives this next event I will think about it. Bring on the Crazy Booth!
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Those are too funny and a big ahhhh for Uncle Bill- too cute!


wish i was there! such a cool idea!! much love from sunny sa! jess xx

Sara Atkins:

Yeah, Uncle Bill is a party animal!


Ahhh... what fun! I love the "crazy" booth.

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IMG_9968 copy blog.jpg
Saturday is off to a good start. Shelly and her husband Jamison arrived at my place at around 9:00am and we headed to breakfast before going to Jack London Square to walk around the Eat Real Festival. In their words:

'Eat Real's mission is to make real food as accessible and as affordable as fast food at events held in strategic communities across the United States. Eat Real's success will be measured by increased public awareness of and respect for the craft of making good food and by the growth of green collar jobs in America's growing regional food economies. Eat Real's vision is of an America where food's crucial importance to the health of our bodies, communities and economy is universally recognized, and where access to healthy and affordable real foods is a right, not a privilege. Also, in our ideal America, food tastes a whole lot better.'

I can dig that.

One of the booths that I stopped at was the SFBA booth, you can find their website: HERE. Charlie recently mentioned an interest in beekeeping and I thought I should learn more. Membership to the association is $15 for an individual, $20 for a household. Many of the classes through SFBA are free, but there are several other perks to having a membership.

I am still a bit jumpy from my recent wasp sting, so this may have to be a one man show in our household. But I have no problem reaping the benefits of having all the honey I can handle.

Tonight... heading to the Sonoma Premiere of The Wine Guy at Jacuzzi Family Vineyard. If you have nothing else to do, or even if you do, you should come out. Reception starts at 6:15pm.
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While perusing the internet on the lookout for unique resources for my brides (and grooms) I stumbled upon Rethink Ink Design. Yes, it may be true that my green side is peaking through, but they also have stunning design.


From Judy: 'Rethink ink designs are all original hand drawn illustrations, purposefully designed so there will be minimal ink coverage, which also reduces waste produced in the recycling process. I create as little waste as possible in day to day operations as well. All paper scraps are recycled, reused or shredded for my chicken's bedding! Everything else is composted or reused whenever possible.

Each order is custom made, hand cut and folded for you on 100% pcw recycled paper. So whether you are giving a gift, sending a thank you note or planning a wedding, you will receive an eco-friendly product you can feel good about.

I am inspired by the things I see in the natural world around me. I  appreciate nature, especially the way it works, the way it repairs itself, despite our continual abuse. Nature adapts and changes it's own design when necessary, and I feel we should too.'

From the website: 'All of the designs are printed on 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled papers and envelopes, no new trees are used in the process. These papers are Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified. FSC tracks paper from forest to final product to ensure it comes from legal and well managed forests. The papers used are also made with renewable green e-certified energy and manufactured chlorine free.'

You can find Judy's website HERE. She does stunning work, it is definitely worth a look! Enjoy!


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